Kailyn Lowry Welcomes New Additions to Her Family

“Teen Mom” star Kailyn Lowry has added new members to her family. 

Heavy/Getty Kailyn Lowry.

On June 18, the former MTV personality took to her Instagram account to announce that she and her boyfriend, Elijah Scott, are now proud owners of several goats. In the clip, a smiling Lowry held one of the goats. 

The video also showed her 10-year-old son, Lincoln, who is a fan of basketball, naming their family’s new animals. He shared he decided to call the goats Lebron, Michael, Wilt, and Kobe, after basketball players LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, and Kobe Bryant. 

“Meet the GOATS 🐐🖤 #kaillowry #kailandthechaos Lebron, Michael, Wilt & Kobe 🏀🌾👩🏼‍🌾👨🏾‍🌾,” read the caption of the post. 

Lowry briefly spoke about the animals during the June 25 episode of her podcast, “No Drama Mama.” She explained that the goats were not socialized before she purchased them. The mother of seven shared, however, that some of the goats have warmed up to her. She also stated that the goats enjoy spending time in the chicken coop. 

Kailyn Lowry’s Son Lincoln Helped Name His Youngest Brother

Not only did Lincoln name his family’s goats after basketball players, but he also did so for his youngest brother, Verse, who was born in late 2023. 

In a February 2024 TikTok video, Lowry shared how she and Scott came up with Verse and his twin sister, Valley’s names. She shared that Lincoln recommended that she name her youngest son in honor of NBA star Allen Iverson. Lowry ended up giving him a shortened version of the athlete’s last name. 

In addition, she revealed that she chose the name Valley for her only daughter because she resided in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, during her childhood. 

“I know that everyone who lived in Lehigh Valley is going to be like, ‘Oh no. That’s not where she’s going.’ It is,” said Lowry. “The Lehigh Valley really shaped me into who I am. It’s a huge part of why I am where I am today. And so I really liked Valley.”

Kailyn Lowry Shared She Got Her Tubes Tied After Having Her Twins

Lowry shared that she decided to undergo a tubal ligation following the birth of her twins in October 2023. During the February 2 episode of her other podcast, “Barely Famous,” Lowry stated that she had mixed feelings about having the procedure as she wanted Valley to have a sister. 

“It’s like a bittersweet feeling because the one thing that I would’ve always wanted if I had a girl was to have another one,” said Lowry. “Because I never got close to my sister growing up and I always loved seeing sisters who were best friends. So that’s the one thing that I wish I could’ve given my daughter — a sister.” 

She also stated she knew some fans would not understand why she wanted another daughter. 

“I know people are like, ‘Kail, you’re insane. You should be happy you have a girl.’ And I’d be happy if I had all boys. I wouldn’t care. But if I was going to have a girl, I would want her to have a little best friend,” said the mother of seven.