Kathy Hilton Reveals How Often She *Really* Speaks to Kyle Richards Today

Everything still seems to be hunky-dory between the Hilton-Richards siblings. On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 reunion, viewers learned that Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards were in a much better place in their relationship following their months-long fallout, which had resulted in them not speaking for months. With the family drama behind them, the sisters are closer than ever.

Collage of Kathy Hilton with Kyle Richards at the Elton John AIDS Foundation's party and Kim Richards at a TV premiere.

Do Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton speak?

In fact, things between Kyle and Kathy are so good that Kathy is now revealing just how often they stay in contact with each other. During a recent interview with Us Weekly, Kathy opened up about her current relationship with Kyle and how they’re always in touch. “We’re really good. I just, you know, I call [Kyle] every day [and] she calls me. We text,” she said.

While Kathy is happy about her improved dynamics with Kyle, she clarified that she never has rifts with her younger sister, Kim Richards. “We never have an issue,” Kathy told the publication. “You know people like, sometimes people will write, ‘Oh the three of the sisters,’ [but] Kim and I don’t have any issues.”

As for how the trio is doing together, Kathy noted that they’re on “the best” terms they could ever be.