Dolores Catania is Caught in Hot Mic Moment Regarding Boyfriend Paulie as RHONJ Star Tells Reporter to “Cut” Out Her Response

In a hot mic moment, Dolores Catania gave a strange response when asked about her relationship with boyfriend Paulie Connell. She later asked the reporter to “cut” out her cryptic answer after realizing they filmed it – as fans reacted.

Dolores Catania in Hot Mic Moment Gives Strange Response When Asked about Paulie Relationship, Tells Reporter to “Cut” Out Her Answer, as Fans React

Credit: Instagram

On the current season of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Paulie – who’s still technically married to another woman, though he’s been with Dolores for nearly three years – suggested he won’t rush into marriage with Dolores after the divorce. Dolores was bothered by the conversation, as her last boyfriend David Principe apparently wouldn’t commit.

“How are things with Paulie?” asked reporter Christina Garibaldi in an Us Weekly interview on May 12, via @byewighellodrama on Instagram.

“Good,” Dolores answered quickly, touching her hair. When Christina asked if Dolores was “feeling good” about it, the star tensed up her shoulders and grabbed her arm while answering yes.

“You seem a little…” the reporter pressed.

“No, no. I — I don’t get excited over men,” said Dolores. “Things are great.”

When Christina pressed further, Dolores interrupted her to ask, “Wait, you’re filming right now? Ok, cut that part out … I thought we were just talking.”

Fans then shared their suspicions in the comments.

“It’s not just the tone, it’s the way she grabs her arm, too,” wrote one fan. “She closes herself off the moment that topic gets broached.”

“Look at her posture. She’s not comfortable at all,” said a different viewer.

“I do NOT like Paulie for Delores at all,” said another. “[He has] a very bad temper it seems. Delores is a really nice woman and deserves SO much better! Plus, something’s up with him not getting divorced. I don’t trust him. At all.”

“Am I the only one who thinks she and [Paulie] will breakup if she’s not asked back?” asked a different user. “I PRAY I’m wrong but I have a terrible feeling about their relationship.”

“I don’t blame her for answering that way after everything she’s gone through and being so independent, her relationship is the last thing she’d get excited over,” wrote another fan. “Plus men don’t deserve the excitement.”