Dorinda Medley Says She ‘Peed’ Herself After Seeing Luann de Lesseps and Bethenny Frankel’s Reunion

Dorinda Medley made sure to get all the tea about the shocking reunion between her former Real Housewives of New York City costars Luann de Lesseps and Bethenny Frankel.

During the Tuesday, July 9, episode of SiriusXM’s Reality Checked show, Dorinda, 59, spoke with Luann, 59, about her recent run-in with Bethenny, 53.

Dorinda Medley Says She Peed Herself After Seeing Luann de Lesseps and Bethenny Frankel Reunion:

Dorinda Medley, Luann de Lesseps and Bethenny Frankel NBCUniversal; Getty Images

“We were talking about the fact that you ran into Bethenny this weekend and how that turned out,” Dorinda said about her reaction. “I peed myself when I was up in the Berkshires making some sort of lasagna dish and it came up.”

Luann said her conversation with Bethenny took place at talent agent Jason Weinberg’s Saturday, July 6, party in the Hamptons. Bethenny’s 14-year-old daughter Bryn — whom she shares with ex-husband Jason Hoppy — was what kickstarted the interaction.

“She sent her daughter over to bridge the gap between us. Of course I will be nice to the daughter, she’s adorable. Very cute kid. And I was happy to see her,” Luann quipped. “Then she took the pictures, of course. Emma Roberts is there. Poor thing, she’s innocent.”

Luann asked Bethenny to send her photos but they made it social media first.

“These pictures are going around and I say, ‘Bethenny, will you send me the pictures you took?’ I said, ‘It was great to see you,'” she continued. “And of course she doesn’t share the pictures with me. Of course not. She had to post them first and get everybody picking up on the thing. And then she’s got me blocked on Instagram. I’m like, ‘What the hell?'”

Dorinda, meanwhile, praised Luann for plugging her cabaret show, Marry F Kill!, adding, “With you saying that life is a cabaret with tickets below. I was like, ‘That is my girl!'”

In response, Luann said, “She concedes to me. ‘I guess you were right, life is a cabaret.'” she noted, recalling Bethenny’s digs about her nascent performing career on earlier seasons of RHONY. “[Bethenny] concedes the fact that after all this s—t she gave me for cabaret, that guess what? I rose from the ashes and got this cabaret stage.”

Luann, Bethenny and Dorinda all starred on the OG RHONY show, with Luann and Bethenny starring in the original cast and all three women overlapping during various later seasons. Over the years, Luann and Bethenny particularly found themselves at odds before mending their issues in 2019. Their feud was reignited in 2023, which is why Bravo viewers were so surprised by them crossing paths and documenting it.

Bethenny offered more insight into their meeting via TikTok on Sunday, July 7, saying, “So I see Luann [at the event] and Bryn gets all devious. My friend Mark is like, ‘Just say something.’ Why not, right? And it is also a good example for Bryn. We have to be good examples.”

According to Bethenny, her and Luann were on good terms.

“Luann hugged Bryn. We had to do it on social media because if it didn’t happen there then it didn’t happen anywhere,” she continued. “That was nice and clean. She texted me and [wrote], ‘We are like some discombobulated family.’ So that was pleasant and fun.”

Luann, however, wasn’t thrilled by Bethenny’s behavior on social media — especially when she was blocked from seeing it.

“After watching Bethenny’s video and still being blocked by her on social media, I realize she just used her daughter to get to me,” Luann exclusively told Us Weekly on Monday, July 8 about how there “wasn’t a genuine reconnection” with Bethenny. “To watch the video, it hurt my feelings.”