Love Is Blind's Kelly And Kenny Got Engaged For The Wrong Reason

Ever since it first aired in 2020, Netflix'sLove Is Blind has gone on to be quite the TV phenomenon, with there now being many different versions of it from all over the world. The show received rave reviews at the start of its fifth season, and it still remains popular with fans.

Kelly on Love is Blind at the altar

However, with it being a few years since the first season aired, many fans might have forgotten former couple Kenny and Kelly. They made it all the way through to the final episode of doing their vows on the show, avoiding much of the drama their cast mates experienced, but the pair later went their separate ways. Much later, it was revealed that they got engaged for all the wrong reasons, leaving no surprise as to why their union didn't work out.

Kelly And Kenny Were A Fan Favorite On Love Is Blind

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Whenever any show first starts airing, it can be a worry to production about whether audiences are going to like the show or about which members of the cast they're going to like or not be as fond of, especially when it comes to reality TV.

Luckily for the Love Is Blind production team, audiences seemed to really fall in love with the show, from witnessing people fall in love without meeting the person, to all the drama that happened during and after the show had finished airing.

One season one couple that really got people from all over the world talking was Kelly and Kenny. At the time that the show was airing, therapists ranked the Love Is Blind couples based on who was most likely to last, with Veronica Chin Hing saying that the couple really bonded over their core values and were good at communicating with one another.

It appeared that this was what audiences at home seemed to really like about the pair as well, with many couples being able to relate to what they were going through and just generally enjoying their personalities.

Kelly And Kenny Only Got Engaged To Stay On The Show

The whole premise of Love Is Blind is that singles will each go into a pod and converse with someone else in one of the other pods and over a matter of days they might forge a connection. If there is a connection there, they will end up getting engaged and continue on with the rest of the show up until their wedding day, where they may or may not end up married.

Whilst many may have thought that Kelly and Kenny's love for one another was genuine, it appears that this was never the case. While Kelly and Kenny might have had an interest in one another and got engaged, this engagement wasn't to actually get married but was just to ensure that they could stay on the show.

They had apparently agreed that there was a connection there that they wanted to explore more and give a chance, but had agreed that when it came to walking down the aisle and saying "I do," that wouldn't be happening.

Despite this, they had also agreed that they would continue dating once the show came to an end.

love is blind kelly kennyBoth Kelly and Kenny had seen being in the experiment as an opportunity to get to know each other better and felt that if they didn't get engaged and stayed in the experiment, this wouldn't happen. However, while Kelly was of the opinion that what they had agreed would go ahead, Kenny had other ideas.

According to Kelly, when it came to their last day of filming with them at their wedding, Kenny came over to her and told her that it was over. He apparently told her that he was "emotionally unavailable" at that moment and that he wanted some time away from Kelly.

They apparently never talked for quite a few weeks after the experiment ended, with Kenny insisting that this decision was genuinely all to do with him and nothing to do with Kelly. He said he found the entire thing quite stressful, as did his friends and family, and that he needed to take a bit of time out to process everything and the complexities of life.

However, one of the secrets of Love Is Blind is that producers apparently encourage the engaged couples to break up when they're at the altar as opposed to breaking up at another stage of the show, so a potential word of encouragement from production may have persuaded them to stay on the show as opposed to leaving sooner.

What Happened To Kelly And Kenny After Love Is Blind?

After they finished filming Love Is Blind Kelly decided to send Kenny a letter as they hadn't spoken for quite a few weeks, and she wanted to let him know how she was feeling, that she enjoyed getting to know him and wanted to continue to get to know him.

love is blind kelly kenny

However, Kenny never replied to the letter and ended up ghosting Kelly. Kelly did reach out again a few months later, but this time it was to apologize for the letter as she felt it might have been a bit too much. A few months after their wedding, Kelly had gone on a few dates with someone but nothing came of it

Kenny has an entirely different story. Not that long after the show finished airing (it was filmed in 2018), Kenny got engaged to his girlfriend, whom he had met just after he finished filming Love Is Blind.

While many thought she might have been feeling a little sour about this, Kelly reacted to the news with pure delight, saying she was very excited for the pair, so clearly, there wasn't any love lost between them.