Rасһel Levіss Sаys Sһe ‘Mіsses’ Her Frіendsһірs Wіtһ Vаnderрumр Rules Cаst “Exсeрt for Jаmes,” Clаіms Sһe “Understаnd[s] Lаlа а Lot More” аnd Reсаlls Moment Wіtһ Kаtіe

Raquel Leviss said she “miss[es]” her friendships with all castmates except ex-fiancé James Kennedy, claimed she “understand[s] Lala a lot more,” and shared she could have “prioritized” her friendship with Katie Maloney.

The Vanderpump Rules alum left the show after her relationship with Tom Sandoval (who was seeing Ariana Madix) was exposed, angering the entire cast. But Raquel is now suing Ariana and Tom for alleging showing ‘revenge porn’ of her after Tom allegedly screen-recorded an intimate video of Raquel amid their relationship. Her allegation is that Ariana, after discovering the video, shared it with others.

Rachel Leviss Says She “Miss[es]” Her Friendships With Vanderpump Rules Cast “Except for James,” Claims She “Understand[s] Lala a Lot More” and Recalls Moment With Katie

Raquel first entered the show through her relationship with James. After their engagement, Raquel broke it off and later suggested his drinking was a factor. She’s since suggested there were other factors as well. James is now in a relationship with castmate Ally Lewber, with whom he’s living.

“I miss my friendships with all of them,” said the alum on her Rachel Goes Rogue podcast, via @breakingtherulespodclips on Instagram. “In a strange way, I can say, like, sincerely I do miss my friendship with Scheana.”

“Just like traveling to San Diego and hanging out with her and her daughter and talking and … having fun,” she went on. “I do miss that friendship. I mean heck, I even miss Lala. I miss Lala’s feisty energy. And thinking back on some of the interactions, like our most heated moments, I think that there’s part of me now that understands Lala a lot more after experiencing this entire scandal. And I have an appreciation for Lala.”

She then addressed her past relationship with Katie.

“Even Katie, like there was a moment for Katie and I back when James brought us all to Palm Springs for our surprise engagement, and Katie and I had a good moment in the pool,” she said. “And that could have been a good friendship too, but I did not prioritize those friendships.”

She added, “I think I miss everyone except for James.”


As of now, Raquel is no longer in contact with any of her former friends on the show.